From day one EMIC adopted the philosophy of total quality which simply expressed by doing everything in a quality way, such philosophy helped EMIC to quickly reach to its leading position and in long term it serve the purpose of upgrading the relationship with our customer to an extreme fruitful business partnership.

This quality business approach starts with the careful selection and inspection of technologies, materials and manpower. With continuous and accurate monitoring and controls in each and every stage of the production from point zero till after delivery of the finished products to our customers.

From the first day EMIC decided to obtain the latest technology of can-making industry, getting the high tech machineries with a large capacity from reputed worldwide iconic machine manufacturers, with a long term partnership of technical support and knowledge transfer agreements for staff training to keep the machines in excellent working conditions.

EMIC decided to get the tinplate and other raw materials from carefully selected sources in Europe and Far East in accordance with the best international specifications keeping in mind the need to protect the environment and to go green.

EMIC always keeps in the center of focus the recruitment of the best in the field manpower in technical, operational and management filed. Such selection will reward unless we implement continuous career development plans and further training to enhance the competency of the manpower and maximize the utilization of available resources. Product quality was always the core of the business process, since the product is the final our come of the process. To ensure high level of quality product, EMIC setup two laboratories with high tech testing equipment's to ensure the best quality to our products. Out quality control team promise is, to always deliver to our customer world-class quality products.




Metal sheets cutting services

With EMIC fully automated metal coil cutting facility , it can provide the cutting service to their customers to cut their coils into a specific sizes with a near to zero error and tolerance. Being the first service centre for tinplate coil cutting, EMIC once more takes a leading step in the can making industry.



EMIC has a coil slitting facility to slit wider coils into narrower one's.


Printing on Tinplate services

Equipped with latest offset printing technology, EMIC is ready to provide full solutions from design idea till realization as a print on the metal using our in-house pre-press and design facility . With the experience of our metal decorating team we ensure total satisfaction of our customer providing them with excellent print on their own metal sheets.








Stock and delivery

In order to meet our customer's requirements we are maintaining an extensive stock of prime quality raw materials to meet the clients higher than the programmed requirements. We also stock high volume of semi-finished and finished products to ensure the shortest delivery periods to our clients.our clients.

EMIC is ready with high quality packing material and equipment's as well as a high capacity delivery and export facilities with a big fleet of Picks-ups and trucks.



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