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With more than 100 highly satisfied and loyal customers , our sales cover more than 17 countries in Middle East and and North Africa (MENA) area and the world. We satisfy the needs of our customers in United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar, State of Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, and others .


Achieving above ninety percent satisfaction index with our broad base customers around the world we are doing our best to improve our quality, products, services and technical support to take-up the relationship to unmatched level of business partnership with our customers.
Our customers are in different field of industries such as paints, chemicals, lubricant oil, bitumen , foodstuff, vegetable oil, ghee, tomato paste, canned food and others.


Quality Management Policy

Customer satisfaction is the primary consideration at EMIC. We believe that dedication to quality in everything we do is the cornerstone upon which a sound business is built and it is a tool for improvement and expansion.











1) Printed Tinplate sheets

Having a state of the art metal sheet decoration facility, we are able to supply prime quality printed metal and tinplate sheets for the MENA market. Investing heavily in the technology and the know-how, we are with no doubt the best quality metal sheets decorating facility in the region.



2) Can components



Being specialized in can making, we are equipped to produce and supply all type of can components from the bellow range of cans.


3) Cans product range


More than seven fully automatic production lines with the latest can-making industry technology with a high capacity from reputed machine manufacturers, EMIC is capable of producing different sizes and shapes of packaging materials according to the international specifications and standards.

EMIC provide the market with full range of shapes and sizes of tinplate three pieces can and drums. We do have different sizes of square cans , cylindrical cans , conical drums and rectangular cans which are used in number of industrial filed such as paints, chemicals, lubricant, edible oil , ghee and other products.


 A. Cylindrical Cans Range with pressure Caps & Open Tops





B) Round Ghee cans with top taggered & seamed bottom


C) Conical Cans range




 D. Square and Rectangular cans




4) Tuna cans

Leading the can making industry to a new markets and products, EMIC was the leader to introduce the mass production of the Tuna Cans in the region. Such unique production facility of a special type of two piece can expands our product range and markets to cover Yemen , Oman and Indian sub-continents.

tunacan tunac


5) Easy open Ends

Aggressively investing in sophisticated food packaging related products, today we are considered to be the main supplier for largest food packaging industries with their requirements of huge volume of high quality Standard Ends and Easy Open Ends (tops and bottoms of food cans). Capable to produce three major sizes of food cans Ends (73 mm, 83mm and 99 mm) we have the capacity to supply different food packaging industries in GCC and MENA area.

tuna4 easyopen

6)Twist off Cap

Our latest addition to products range was Twist off Caps used to close the juice bottles and jam/ food jars. Four different sizes (82mm, 66mm, 48mm, and 43mm) are currently available to provide the food processsing industries with their requirements of Twist off Caps.


twist1 twist2



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